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levitra 20mg (vardenafil)

Levitra is more effective analogue of Sildenafil

levitra 20mg (vardenafil)

One of the most effective drugs for combating male impotence is Levitra 20 mg. It is a modern medicine with a targeted effect only on the muscles of the penis and a long-lasting mechanism of action, up to 35 hours. The main substance of the drug is vardenafil. This substance is an inhibitor of phosphodiesterase type 5 (PDE5), which aims to selectively block the breakdown of cyclic guanosine monophosphate enzymes (cGMP).

Action description

The drug has no effect on the central nervous system. Thus, there are no restrictions on taking the drug while driving. This drug is not a steroid. Therefore, this drug does not affect the body at the hormonal level.

Substances in Levitra 20 mg affect only the smooth muscles of the penis. It provides strong natural erections for a long time. According to numerous reviews of patients, the duration of the drug reached up to 36 hours for some. The drug Levitra 20 mg has no general stimulating effect on the body but acts only with presence of sexual desire and stimulation, providing the patient with a natural erection.

Medication advantages

The drug Levitra 20 mg has a number of advantages over similar drugs from a group of drugs for the treatment of erectile dysfunction in men. Analogs of Levitra are:

  • Cialis
  • Viagra

The main advantages of the drug Levitra 20 mg include:

  • Directed and durable effect. In the analysis of incoming reviews of the Levitra 20 mg drug, two main competitors were identified: Cialis 20 mg (active ingredient Tadalafil) and Viagra (active ingredient Sildenafil). But if you take into account all the clinical trials of the drug, it is proved that Levitra is 10 times superior to its competitors
  • Vardanofil gives a good result for patients suffering from severe forms of diabetes
  • The excellent results from the drug use can be noted in men after surgery on the prostate gland
  • Vardanofil has a low price

A contraindication to taking medication is age under 18 years. It is believed that the hormonal background is not yet formed, and the reception of the drug can disrupt the functions of the body. After the age of 18, the drug is indicated to all patients with various disorders of the sexual area. Diseases of the nervous system, vascular diseases, as well as various psychological disorders can all be causes of erectile dysfunction

Recommendations for use

As with any drug, Levitra should be started with the smallest dose. For the first dose, a dose of 5 mg is recommended. This way, you can evaluate the body's reaction to the active ingredient Vardanofil and prevent possible allergic reactions. If no adverse reactions have been identified, and the dose produced an unsatisfactory effect, then the dosage can be increased.

Do not forget the maximum daily dosage of the drug. It is 20 mg. Before taking the drug, older men and patients with problems of the cardiovascular system should consult a specialist. The doctor examines the patient, gives his recommendations on the reception of the drug and determines the optimal dosage.

Take with caution:

  • In the presence of allergic reactions to any component of the drug identified earlier
  • When the body suffers from renal or hepatic failure
  • With diseases of the heart and blood vessels
  • With coronary heart disease
  • Simultaneously with the drugs stimulating the work of the heart
  • With diseases of the blood
  • In the presence of tumors, including malignant neoplasms